"WE BELIEVE" Quality is not an accident. It requires a lot of hard work and substantial involvement in the project from our end, and we in turn believe in providing the best of our services to our valued clients.

We strongly adhere to our commitments and truly believe in providing "VALUE ADDED SERVICES" for creating market leaders.

♦  Quick Processing of Information based on your requirements
♦  Multi-Location screening of candidates
♦  Head Hunting/Database Search/Executive Search
♦  Well-researched, concise and carefully planned database
♦  Complete understanding and planning for achievement of clearly defined goals & objectives
♦  Sharing information with our clients free of cost, this is of value to them
♦  End to End Search for Senior Level Profiles
♦  Accurate Understanding of Client Needs based on Competence Landscape & strategic Objectives
♦  High level of Secrecy of Information
♦  Skill & Grade Equivalence
♦  Competence Mapping
♦  Search from Large Current Database
♦  Validated Talent Pool
♦  Screening of Potential Candidates with respect to Competence
♦  Strong Support System
We create a unique profiling process that accurately describes your ideal candidate which can help you identify exactly who you're looking for and why.

Using behavioural, aptitude, and skills testing, we uncover the key attributes shared by your most successful employees. These characteristics then become the central focus of a detailed candidate profile. With this information in hand, you'll have a benchmark to finding candidates that fit your culture, share your values, and thrive in the position to which they've been hired.

Step: 1 - Laying of candidate selection criteria & Candidate profiling in consultation with team:
    -Matrix definition & Process flow definition in consultation with team
    -Time line definition in consultation with team
Step: 2 - Access to candidate application database as provided on server control
Step: 3 - Candidates screening process, either client office or at our office as per convinience of client
Step: 4 - Screened candidates profiling along with client team
Step: 5 - Consolidation of matrix & MIS of candidate database
Step: 6 - Interview coordination, if required
Step: 1 Address / Contact the candidates recommended from Profiling Process
Step: 2 Pre-selection evaluation of candidates and carry out interviews with all who have been preselected:
    -professional competencies
    -personality treats
    -candidate's expectation and motivation
Step: 3 Carry out secondary selection of the candidates suitable to enter further round of selection procedure
Step: 4 We create the list of pre-selected candidates and we write up an "Essence" of the most important data from the interview with commented recommendations for the position
Step: 5 We communicate with all the candidates and inform them about rejection or promotion to further interviews in the client's company

Candidate Evalution Process Flowchart